Skin tone and texture

There are many causes for roughness and laxity of skin. During aging, skin cells cannot regenerate as fast as they did before age 40.Sun exposure, climate factors like coldness and wind can decrease skin moisture and make it dry and leathery. At Ideal Skin Laser Center, we can rebuild what nature and aging leave off. We make it possible to have younger, smoother and brighter skin.

Our Specialist will examine your skin with Skin Analysis device and let you know which treatment is the right treatment for your skin tone and texture.

To start, book a free consultation. You can make it online or call us at:  (604)461-0068  to make an appointment.

How can we help you?

We use new technology to reverse the tone and texture of your skin. The suggested treatments are:

Venus VivaTM Treatment: The Venus VivaTM is a non-invasive but ablative (removal of soft tissue) treatment, combining Nano-Fractional radio-frequency and a Smart Scan technology to remodel and resurface skin. Venus VivaTM treats both the surface skin layer (epidermis) and deeper skin tissue (dermis), unlike some technologies which are only able to remove (and damage) more surface skin. The result: maximum benefits with minimal discomfort.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Venus VersaTM  IPL Treatments are a sophisticated, yet simple method of using laser technology to improve the appearance of problem skin. Venus VersaTM  IPL 570 Process – the fastest method available, uses pulsed light to treat skin imperfections.

Venus Freeze TM: combines radiofrequency energy with magnetic pulses for noticeable skin tightening without surgery. Venus FreezeTM is gentle enough for use on wrinkles and skin laxity of the lower face, jowls, and neck and powerful enough to be used to firm the skin of the brow and cheeks.

HydrafacialTM:  The HydraFacialTM therapy is a new Procedure in aesthetic technology. It takes its name from the root word Hydrate; “to cause to take up moisture”. This ability to moisturize the skin makes it unique in comparison with all other skin resurfacing procedures. The HydraFacialTM therapy removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

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